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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-20060-1 Semidefinite Programming for Cluster Analysis with Application to Customer SegmentationPeng, Jiming; Chen, Huarong; Computing and Software
May-2009Adaptive Sphere Decoding and Radius Selection with Error Analysis in Sphere DecodingQiao, Sanzheng; Zhao, Fei; Computing and Software
Jan-2009An Algebraic Approach to Parameterised Loop DecompositionKahl, Wolfram; Cao, Shiqi; Computing and Software
Oct-2011Algebraic Constructions Applied to TheoriesFarmer, William M.; Jacques Carette, Jeffery Zucker; Jacques Carette, Jeffery Zucker; Tran, Minh Quang; Computing and Software
Nov-2017Analysis of On/Off servers with Dynamic Voltage ScalingDown, Douglas; Mo, Guang; Computing and Software
May-2006An Analysis of Program by Symbolic ComputationCarette, Jacques; Janicki, Ryszard; Zhai, Yun; Computing and Software
Apr-2012Applying System-Theoretic Accident Model and Processes (STAMP) to Hazard AnalysisWassyng, Alan; Spencer Smith, Mark Lawford; Song, Yao; Computing and Software
May-2005Approximation to K-Means-Type ClusteringPeng, Jiming; Wei, Yu; Computing and Software
Aug-2007Architecture-Based Software Evolution: A Multi-Dimensional ApproachMaibaum, Thomas S. E.; Wang, Huan; Computing and Software
Apr-2013Artificial Intelligence in SimulationsMohrenschildt, Martin v.; Hynes, David; Computing and Software
Oct-2013Aspect-Oriented Product Family ModelingKhedri, Ridha; Zhang, Qinglei; Computing and Software
13-Jan-2005Assembly Language Representation and Graph Generation in a Pure Functional Programming LanguageKahl, Wolfram; Everets, Kevin; Computing and Software
2008Behavior Based Access Control for Distributed Healthcare EnvironmentDown, Douglas; Sartipi, Kamran; Yarmand, Hosein Mohammad; Computing and Software
2016BEHAVIOURAL FOUNDATIONS OF FEATURE MODELINGMaibaum, Tom; Diskin, Zinovy; Safilian, Aliakbar; Computing and Software
Aug-2007Berge MetricsDeza, Antoine; Gregov, Sandra; Computing and Software
Nov-2017BUILDING SCALABLE BUSINESS DOMAIN TRUSTDeza, Antoine; Burlacu, Adrian; Computing and Software
2016Case Studies in Document Driven Design of Scientific Computing SoftwareSmith, Spencer; Nedialkov, Ned; Jegatheesan, Thulasi; Computing and Software
2017A CASE STUDY IN ASSURANCE CASE DEVELOPMENT FOR SCIENTIFIC SOFTWARSmith, Spencer; Sayari Nejad, Mojdeh; Computing and Software
26-Aug-2009CHIRON: MECHANIZING MATHEMATICS IN OCAMLCarette, Jacques; Ni, Hong; Computing and Software