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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-19662,2'-Dimercaptodiethyl Sulfide: Metal Complexes and Analytical ApplicationsCorsini, A.; Nieboer, Evert; Chemistry
Sep-19712-Substituted 8-Quinolinols as Terdentate Chelating AgentsCorsini, A.; Cassidy, Richard M.; Chemistry
Apr-1968Addition Complexes of 8-Hydroxyquinoline and Derivatives with U(VI} and Th(IV}Corsini, A.; Abraham, John; Chemistry
Aug-1975Aluminum Complexes of 2-Methyl-8-hydroxyquinolineCorsini, A.; Fowler, David J.; Chemistry
1980Immunochemical Techniques in Clinical AnalysisCorsini, A.; Gauldie, J.; Tang, Kuen Hon; Chemistry
Jan-1987Preconcentration of Trace Metal Ions from Natural Waters: Complexation with Meso-Tetra (p-sulfonatophenyl) porphine and Adsorption onto XAD ResinsCorsini, A.; Zweep, Carol; Chemistry
Oct-1983Preconcentration of Trace Metal Ions from Natural Waters: Studies on the Application of an Acrylic Ester Macroreticular ResinCorsini, A.; Chiang, Ying Hung Solomon; Chemistry
Sep-1978Solution Studies of Meso-Tetra(p-sulphophenyl)porphine: Aggregation, Metallation and Potential Analytical ApplicationsCorsini, A.; Herrmann, Otto; Chemistry
Aug-1969Solution-Stability Relationships of Metal 8-HydroxyquinolinatesCorsini, A.; Steger, Henry Frank; Chemistry
Mar-1989Solvent Extraction Preconcentration of Trace Metal Ions from Natural Waters with an Alkylated Oxine DerivativeCorsini, A.; Pavski, Victor; Chemistry
1977Studies on the Formation of 12-Tungstophosphoric acid: Application to the Determination of PhosphateCorsini, A.; Subramanian, Sundararaman Kunnathumadom; Chemistry
Mar-1989Studies on the Preconcentration of Mercury in Natural Waters: Electrothermal Atomization of Mercury from a Gold Surface for Measurement by Atomic Absorption SpectroscopyCorsini, A.; Thomson, Albert Paul; Chemistry
1977Synthesis and Complexing Properties of QuaterenesCorsini, A.; Panoyan, Jack M.; Chemistry
Sep-1970Uranium(VI) and Scandium(III) Complexes of a-Hydroxyquinoline and DerivativesCorsini, A.; Thompson, Michael; Chemistry
Aug-1975Uranium(VI), Thorium(IV) and Scandium(III) Complexes of TropoloneCorsini, A.; Maludzinski, Miron J.; Chemistry