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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-1971The 1962 International Coffee Agreement: Past, Present and FutureMackenzie, W.; Magee, Morris David; Economics
Aug-2008Age Effects and Information Shocks: A Study of the Impact of Education Policy on Student OutcomesPayne, A. Abigail; Crossley, Thomas; DeCicca, Philip; Smith, Justin; Economics
Aug-2002Agent-based Models: An Introductory Study on Decentralized Price SystemsBurbidge, J.B.; Scarth, Bill; Wright, P.; Economics
Jun-1991Alternative Approaches to Technical Efficiency Estimation: A Comparative StudyRobb, Leslie A.; Chan, M.W. Luke; Mountain, Dean; Li, Dading; Economics
Apr-1996The Analysis of Cooperation in Collective Action Games: Experimental EvidenceMestelman, S.; Feeny, D.; Magee, L.; Moir, Robert; Economics
Jul-1980The Analysis of Interregional Fiscal Policy: A Simulation ApproachJohnson, J.A.; Tang, Shu-Hung; Economics
1977An Analysis of Investment Incentive Policies in CanadaJohnson, J.A.; Harman, Francis J.; Economics
Jul-2001Applications of Numerical Methods in Economics and FinanceMagee, Lonnie; Alan, Sule; Economics
1969The Appraisal of Discriminatory Trade Practices by the Canadian Restrictive Trade Practices CommissionMaule, C. J.; Lawson, James John; Economics
Feb-1998The Association Between Wife Assault and the Socioeconomic Characteristics of Women and Their FamiliesDooley, M.D.; Browning, Martin; Veall, M.R.; Kingston-Riechers, JoAnn; Economics
2017A Common Agency Approach to Lobbying: Theory and Empirical ApplicationsHan, Seungjin; Lesica, Josip; Economics
1974The Concept of Economic Imperialism: with Particular Application to Britain During the Period 1870-1914G., W. D.; Raven, Ursula; Economics
2016Confronting Theory with Evidence: Methods & ApplicationsHurley, Jeremiah; Racine, Jeffrey; Buckley, Neil; Mestelman, Stuart; Thomas, Stephanie; Economics
Mar-1988Consumption and work hours in life cycle models with uncertain lifetimes: an individual analysis and an equillibrium analysis with overlapping generationsBrowning, Martin; Burbidge, J.B.; Robb, A.L.; Ahmad, Eatzaz; Economics
Aug-1991Currency Devaluations And Implications Of The Correspondence PrincipleScarth(Chairman),F.T.DentonProfessor,A.L.Robb, W. M.; Ali, Syed Z.; Economics
1968The Cyclical Behaviour of Canada's Current Account Balance of PaymentsThompson, R.W.; MacIntosh, Alan David; Economics
Jun-1981The Cyclical Relationship Between Real Wages and EmploymentScarth, W.M.; Myatt, Edwin Anthony; Economics
Jun-1978The Design and Estimation of Regional Economic Accounts in OntarioWilliams, J.R.; Hafez, Bahjat Mohammad; Economics
Nov-2016Econometric Analysis of Firm-level Production DataRacine, Jeffrey; Kealey, John; Economics
Dec-1997The Economics of International Migration: A Simulation StudyDenton, P.T.; Poon, Ngok-Pang; Economics