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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-1998"1 Wept for Memory:" Christina Rossetti's Writings for ChildrenFerns, John; Lachowski, Lori Ann; English
1981Antithetical Developments in the Poetry and Criticism of Matthew ArnoldFerns, John; Adams, Bradley Donald; English
May-2004The Autistic Mr. Dick of David CopperfieldFerns, John; Gill, Penny; English
Sep-1989The Autobiographical Narrator in Doris Lessing's "The Children of Violence"Ferns, John; Rowlands, Kate; English
Mar-1989Childhood in the Fiction of W.O. MitchellFerns, John; Sutherland, Jean Eaton Kimberly; English
Oct-1997"A Christ-Like, All-Embracing" Method: From Tragic to Compassionate in Selected Novels of Arnold BennettFerns, John; Bin, Matthew; English
Oct-1993The doll of english fiction: Hardy, zola and the politics of conventionFerns, John; Mason, Donald; English
Jun-2005Dramatic Anxieties: William Bodham Donne, Censorship and the Victorian Theatre, 1849-1874Ferns, John; Bell, Robert; English
1988Elizabeth Gaskell and the English Novel TraditionFerns, John; Adams, Bradley Donald; English
1972From Duality To Reconciliation: An Aesthetic Development in the Early Poetry of Tennyson and YeatsFerns, John; Stack, Michael W.; English
Aug-1994Hearing Voices: Reconsidering Robert Browning, Mikhail Bakhtin, and Dramatic MonologuesFerns, John; Kuzminski, Jason M.; English
Mar-1985"Home at heart": The Experimental Use of Language in the Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins and E.E. Cummings.Ferns, John; Stickney, Mary Margaret; English
Nov-1984The Influence of Gerrard Manley Hopkins on the Poets of the 1930'sFerns, John; Mayer, Ann; English
1981Irresponsibility and Identity in Meredith's Modern LoveFerns, John; Blume, Rebecca Lillian; English
Sep-1982The Isolated Heroine in the Manawaka Novels of Margaret LaurenceFerns, John; MacLennan, Margaret Jennifer; English
Aug-1993"My Life is in the Falling Leaf": Ambivalence in the Seasonal Imagery and Life of Christina RossettiFerns, John; Davison, Sarah Rosemary; English
1995Practising Multicultural Education in the English Classroom: Teaching Secondary Level EnglishBowerbank, Sylvia; Ferns, John; Van, Barr Sandra; English
Aug-1974The riddle of the painful earth : the interaction of art and life in the later nineteenth centuryFerns, John; Treilhard, John; English
Aug-1974The Riddle of the Painful Earth: The Interaction of Art and Life in the Later Nineteenth Century.Ferns, John; Treilhard, John B.; English
Sep-1993The Role of Romance Literature in the Education of the Adolescent FemaleFerns, John; Ajzenstat, Janet; Veldhuis, Roelie; English