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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-1995A 12 Year Follow-up Study of Ankle Muscle Function in Older AdultsHicks, Audrey; Winegard, Karen; Kinesiology
Dec-2007Activation of Satellite Cells Following Eccentrically-Biased Exercise in HumansParise, Gianni; O'Reilly, Ciara E.; Kinesiology
Sep-2007The Acute Cardiovascular Response to Multiple Wingate Exercise in Healthy MalesMacDonald, Maureen Jane; Gurr, Lindsay J.; Kinesiology
Sep-2008The Acute Effects of Arm Ergometry on AffectGinis, K.A. Martin; Barr, Neil; Kinesiology
Dec-2009The acute effects of moderate intensity exercise on vascular stiffness in children with repaired coarctation of the aortaMacDonald, Maureen; Proudfoot, Nicole A.; Kinesiology
Sep-2008Acute Responses and Chronic Adaptations of the Arterial System to Sprint Exercise and TrainingMacDonald, Maureen J.; Gibala, Martin J.; McCartney, Neil; Rakobowchuk, Mark; Kinesiology
Oct-2012The adaptive response to exercise training: implications for radiation protection and bone marrow transplantationParise, Gianni; De, Lisio Michael; Kinesiology
Oct-2012Aerobic Exercise Intensity Affects Skeletal Muscle Myofibrillar Protein Synthesis and Anabolic Signaling in Young MenPhillips, Stuart; Di, Donato M Danielle; Kinesiology
Apr-2013Alterations in Skeletal Muscle Strength and Mitochondrial Function Induced by Aging and ExerciseTarnopolsky, Mark; Crane, Justin; Kinesiology
Nov-2015Alterations to GABAergic Inhibition In Primary Motor CortexNelson, Aimee; Mi, Yi Qun; Kinesiology
Nov-2007Alternative Approaches to Assessing the Anaerobic-Aerobic Power Ratio; Age Related Changes from Childhood to Early AdulthoodBlimkie, Cameron J.R.; Allin, Trevor G.; Kinesiology
Sep-1994Anaerobic Energy Supply During Maximum-Intensity Short-Term Voluntary Sustained Exercise in Man.MacDougall, J. D.; Odland, L.; Kinesiology
2010Analyses of the effects of 17╬▓-estradiol on skeletal muscle and global gene expression following acute eccentric exerciseTamopolsky, Mark; MacNeil, Lauren; Kinesiology
Dec-2010Angiotensin II regulation of skeletal muscle regeneration, growth and satellite cell functionParise, Gianni; Johnston, Adam; Kinesiology
Oct-2013Arterial Stiffness During the Early Years: Relationship with Adiposity and Physical ActivityTimmons, Brian; Shenouda, Ninette; Kinesiology
Dec-2007Assessment and Activity-based Management of Spasticity After Spinal Cord InjuryHicks, Audrey L.; Adams, Melanie M.; Kinesiology
Apr-2013THE ASSESSMENT AND PROCESSING OF TACTILE SENSORY LEARNINGLee, Timothy D.; Passmore, Robert Steven; Kinesiology
2014Assessment of Musculoskeletal Disorder Risk with Hand and Syringe Use in Chemotherapy Nurses and Pharmacy AssistantsKeir, Peter; MacDonald, Victoria; Kinesiology
Aug-2008Autonomy Support, Self-Determined Motivation, and Exercise Adherence in Cardiac RehabilitationBray, S.R.; Russell, Kelly Lynn; Kinesiology