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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2015The 2nd-Order Smooth Variable Structure Filter (2nd-SVSF) for State Estimation: Theory and ApplicationsHabibi, Saied; Afshari, Hamedhossein; Mechanical Engineering
20176/14 Switched Reluctance Machine Design for Household HVAC System ApplicationsEmadi, Ali; Cotton, James; Kasprzak, Michael; Mechanical Engineering
Mar-1970An Absolute Viscometer for Low Temperatures and Medium High Pressures: Viscosity of Nitrogen Gas Down to Very Low TemperaturesLatto, Brian; Hesoun, Pavel; Mechanical Engineering
Feb-1975The Accuracy of Numerically Controlled Machine ToolsTlusty, J.; Mutch, Gordon F.; Mechanical Engineering
Apr-2013Acoustic Emission Mapping of Discharges in Spark Erosion MachiningKoshy, Philip; Smith, Craig; Mechanical Engineering
Apr-2014Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Electrical Discharge MachiningKoshy, Philip; Goodlet, Alexander W.; Mechanical Engineering
Oct-2011Acoustic emission spikes at workpiece edges in grinding: Origin and applicationsKoshy, Philip; Babel, Ryan J.P.; Mechanical Engineering
Nov-2017Active Disturbance Estimation and Compensation for Improving Diesel Aftertreatment PerformanceYAN, FENGJUN; NING, JINBIAIO; Mechanical Engineering
Apr-1974An Adaptive Control Algorithm for a CNC Milling MachineTlusty, J.; Mailvaganam, Gajananda Nandakumar; Mechanical Engineering
Nov-2015Adaptive Cruise Control on an Electric Robotic VehicleYan, Fengjun; Wang, Liang; Mechanical Engineering
Aug-2008Adaptive Machine Vision for Automotive Component InspectionBone, Gary M.; Yang, Kai; Mechanical Engineering
May-1995Adaptive Neurocontrol and Its Application to RobotsElMaraghy, Hoda A.; Liang, Feng; Mechanical Engineering
2016ADVANCED THERMAL MANAGEMENT FOR A SWITCHED RELUCTANCE MACHINEEmadi, Ali; Schofield, Nigel; Marlow, Richard; Mechanical Engineering
Apr-1975The Aerodynamic Design and Testing of High Turning Angle Turbine BladesWade, J. H. T.; Stannard, J. H.; Mechanical Engineering
Dec-2008Aerodynamic excitation of the diametral modes of an internal axisymmetric cavityZiada, Samir; Aly, Kareem Mohamed Awny; Mechanical Engineering
Nov-2015The Aerodynamic Excitation of Trapped Diametral Acoustic Modes in Rectangular Ducted CavitiesZiada, Samir; Bolduc, Michael; Mechanical Engineering
Sep-1972Aerodynamic Loading on the Blades of a Helicopter Rotor in Steady Translational FlightWade, J.H.T.; Gupta, Suresh K.; Mechanical Engineering
Aug-1977The Aerodynamic Performance of a High Turning Angle Turbine Blade ProfileT., J. H.; Harris, T.C.M.; Mechanical Engineering
Jun-2008Agent-Based Collaborative Design of Sheet Metal PartsNye, T. J.; Ding, Yuqing; Mechanical Engineering