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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-20132D/3D Registration Algorithm for Lung BrachytherapyFarrell, Tom; Hunter, Robert; Wierzbicki, Marcin; Zvonarev, Pavel; Medical Physics
Apr-2012Accelerated Monte Carlo Based Simultaneous Dual-isotope SPECT ReconstructionFarncombe, Troy H.; Karamat, Muhammad Irfan; Medical Physics
2015Accelerator Based Radiation Measurements of In Vivo Total Body NitrogenChettle, David R; Egden, Lesley Maria; Medical Physics
Nov-2015Advanced Magnetic Resonance (MR) Diffusion Analysis in Healthy Human LiverNoseworthy, Michael D.; Wong, Oi Lei; Medical Physics
2016Advanced Methods in Molecular Breast ImagingFarncombe, Troy H.; Tao, Ashley T.; Medical Physics
Oct-2012Angular Dependence of the MatriXX EvolutionOstapiak, Orest; Diamond, Kevin; Farrell, Tom; Sopher, Daniel A.; Medical Physics
Aug-1993Ash Density and Trabecular Bone Structure in Proximal Femur FractureWebber, C. E.; Milburn, Chris; Medical Physics
Aug-2010Assessment of the McMaster KN Accelerator for Nuclear Resonance Absorption and Fluorescence Experiments with 28Si Nucleus Induced by 27Al(p,╬│)^28Si Capture ReactionChettle, David R.; Atanackovic, Jovica; Medical Physics
Jun-2015Assessment of Various Thermoplastic Masks Used for Radiation Therapy Immobilization in Terms of Shrinkage and PressureOstapiak, Orest; Tunkr, Ayman; Medical Physics
Jun-2015Atlas Selection for Automated Segmentation of Pelvic CT for Prostate RadiotherapyWierzbicki, Marcin; Mallawi, Abrar; Medical Physics
1996Attenuation Correction in Positron TomographyNahmias, C.; Yu, Ki Siu; Medical Physics
Oct-2011The Biological Effects of PET Scans with 18F-FDG in MiceBoreham, Douglas; Taylor, Kristina; Medical Physics
Apr-2012Bone Erosion Measurement in Subjects with Rheumatoid Arthritis Using Magnetic Resonance ImagingGordon, Christopher; Emond, Patrick D.; Medical Physics
Apr-2013Carbonic Anhydrase 9 and Radiation Resistance in RCCFarrell, Tom; Pinthus, Jehonathan; Duivenvoorden, Helga; Gallino, Daniel R.; Medical Physics
2014COMPARISON OF METHODS FOR DETECTION OF ARSENIC IN SKIN USING XRFMcNeill, Fiona; Fleming, David; Chettle, David; Desouza, Elstan; Medical Physics
Oct-2013Comprehensive Investigation of Energy Fluence Spectra and MLC Modeling Parameters and their Effects on Dose Calculation Accuracy in PinnacleOstapiak, Orest; Diamond, Kevin; Farrell, Thomas; Bashehab, Ali Jameel; Medical Physics
2016THE COST OF HORMESISBoreham, Douglas R.; Wilson, Joanna Y.; Mitz, Charles W.; Medical Physics
May-2010A Current Source for Electrical Impedance TomographyMoran, Gerald R.; Khan, Muhammad Dost; Medical Physics
Nov-2007Design and Construction of an Avalanche Photodioclc-Based Gamma CRmera PrototypeFarncombe, Troy H.; Smith, Jamie; Medical Physics
Nov-2017Design, Optimization, and Testing of a Combined Tri-Axial Polarized Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence and Energy Dispersive X-Ray Diffraction System for Biological Sample ClassificationFarquharson, Michael; Johnston, Eric; Medical Physics