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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-1980The 0.230 Millisecond Isomer in ¹⁴⁶EuSummers-Gill, R.G.; LeNestour, Kevin; Physics
May-1969237Np, 238Np, 235U, 233U, and 239Pu; Fission Yield StudiesThode, H. G.; Tracy, Bliss Lloyd; Physics
19814.3-μm CO₂ LaserGarside, B.K.; Ballik, E.A.; Znotins, Arvid Thomas; Physics
19844.3-μm TE CO₂ Laser DynamicsReid, J.; Brimacombe, Kenneth Robert; Physics
Sep-1949A 90º Solid Source Mass SpectrometerThode, H. G.; Freeman, James Rowe; Physics
2017The Abraham-Minkowski controversy and He-McKellar-Wilkens phaseO'Dell, Duncan; Miladinovic, Nikola; Physics
Apr-1978Absorption Properties of SF₆ near 10.6 µmGarside, B.K.; Ballik, E.A.; Znotins, Arvid Thomas; Physics
Oct-2013Accidental Supersymmetry and the Naturalness of Codimension-2 BranesBurgess, Cliff; Williams, Matthew R.; Physics
Apr-1992The Accuracy of Dual Photon Absorptiometry Measurements of Soft Tissue CompositionWebber, C.E; Gordon, Christopher L.; Physics
Feb-1972Admittance Characteristics of Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor (MIS) and Semiconductor-Insulator-Semiconductor (SIS) StructuresShewchun, J.; Temple, Victor Albert Keith; Physics
Feb-1976Alloying Effects and the g-factor in Antimony measured by the de Haas-van Alphen EffectDatars, W. R.; Altounian, Zaven; Physics
May-1974An Analysis of Intra-Urban Consumer Spatial Imagery FieldsBetak, J.F.; Smith, Geoffrey C.; Physics
May-1968Angular Correlations in Mg24Kuehner, J. A.; Mabey, Clive; Physics
May-1980The Angular Distributions of Photoneutrons in Lead 206 and 208 Using Monochromatic PhotonsKennett, T.J.; Barkman, Nicholas John; Physics
Jul-1976Anisotropic Neutron Transport AnalysisHarms, A.A.; Attia, Abdel Azim El-Tantawy; Physics
Sep-1976Anisotropic Optical Reflectance of Hg₂.₈₆AsF₆Datars, W.R.; Batalla, Erwin; Physics
Nov-1977Anisotropic Superconductors and Elastic Impurity ScatteringCarbotte, J.P.; Daams, Maria Johanna; Physics
Nov-1965Anisotropy Effects in Superconductive TunnellingCampbell, C.K.; Walmsley, David G.; Physics
Sep-1992Anisotropy in the electrical, magnetic and optical properties of lead(2) strontium(2) R copper(3) oxygen(8)Timusk, T.; Reedyk, Maureen; Physics
Aug-1973Anisotropy of Magnetoconductivity of MetalsDatars, W. R.; Douglas, James Robert; Physics