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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-201517β-Estradiol and testosterone levels in axillary perspiration of men: Environmental factors, inter- and intra-individual variationdeCatanzaro, Denys; Elliott, Brittney; Psychology
25-Sep-2017Accessory glands and sperm competitionBalshine, Sigal; Miller, Jessica; Psychology
1983The Acquisition and Use of Knowledge about the Story SchemaBegg, Ian M.; Young, Elaine Rosemary; Psychology
1995Activation-dependent enhancements of synaptic strength in pyriform cortex efferents to the entorhinal cortexRacine, Ronald J.; Chapman, Andrew Clifton; Psychology
1995Activation-Dependent Enhancements of Synaptic Strength in Pyriform Cortex Efferents to the Entorhinal CortexRacine, Ronald; Chapman, Clifton; Psychology
Sep-1997Activity dependent plasticity in pathways between subcortical and cortical sitesRacine, R.J.; Ivanco, Tammy L.; Psychology
Apr-2013Adults’ and Infants’ Perception of Pitch-Evoking Stimuli with No Resolvable Spectral CuesTrainor, Laurel J.; Butler, Blake E.; Psychology
1995Age-Related Changes in Automatic and Consciously-Controlled Memory ProcessesJacoby, L.L.; Jennings, Margaret Janine; Psychology
Jul-2008Age-Specific Birth Rates in Brazil: Economic and Social Predictors of Reproduction by Adolescent and Adult WomenWilson, Margo; Daly, Martin; Goodwin, Sarah; Psychology
Aug-2009Allocentric vs. Egocentric Spatial Memory Encoding: Evidence for a Cognitive Spatial Map from Virtual Reality TestingBecker, Suzanna; Sévigny, Christophe; Psychology
Jul-2006Altruism as a Signal of StatusWilson, Margo; Daly, Martin; Dingle, Greg; Psychology
Oct-1967An Analysis of Head Movements and Binocular/Monocular Viewing Conditions in Visual Position DiscriminationKinchla, R. A.; Keller, William F.; Psychology
Nov-2015An analysis of style-types in musical improvisation using clustering methodsBrown, Steven; Ellis, Blair K.; Psychology
Oct-1969Application of a one-element model with response elimination to paired-associate learning data.Link, S. W.; Fowles, Elizabeth Diana; Psychology
Jul-2008Associative and Non-Associative Performance Phenomena in Learning Social Contingencies from Rich and Heterogeneous StimuliBrooks, L. R.; Skye, Aimee L.; Psychology
Jun-1980Associative Basis of UCS Preexposure in Excitatory and Inhibitory Rabbit Eyelid ConditioningSiegel, Shepard; Hinson, Riley E.; Psychology
Oct-1984Associative Interactions Between Septo-Dentate and Perforant Path Afferents to the Rat Dentate GyrusRacine, R.J.; Robinson, Bradley Gilbert; Psychology
Aug-1992Associative Tolerance to Repeated Heat StressSiegel, Shepard; Buchholz, M. C. Annick; Psychology
Sep-1996Attentional and Non-attentional Effects of PrequestioningBegg, Ian M.; Taylor, James C.; Psychology