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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-1992Blacks in Hamilton: An Analysis of Factors in Community BuildingShaffir, William; Etoroma, Enenajor Efajemue; Sociology
1982The Career Contingencies of RoundersShaffir, William; Vassilakopoulos, Steve; Sociology
Apr-2014CHARACTER AS A SOCIOLOGICAL PHENOMENON: AN INTERACTIONIST ANALYSIS OF SEMINARY LIFEShaffir, William; Pawluch, Dorothy; Miall, Charlene; McLuhan, Arthur; Sociology
Sep-2010Chasing Acceptance: Socialization and Pre-medical Student SubcultureShaffir, William; Shack, Raphael Avram; Sociology
Sep-1978Clerics, Fishermen, Farmers and Workers: The Antigonish Movement and Identity in Eastern Nova Scotia, 1928-1939Shaffir, William; MacInnes, William Daniel; Sociology
9-Jun-1999The experiences of people who use alternative therapies: A symbolic interactionist analysisShaffir, William; Low, Jacqueline; Sociology
2017The Football Wife: Developing a Courtesy IdentityShaffir, William; Simonetto, Deana; Sociology
Jul-2003Hacking Hackers: Ethnographic Insights into the Hacker Subculture-Definition, Ideology and ArgotShaffir, William; Kleinknecht, Steven W.; Sociology
Oct-1993Mature Students at McMaster UniversityShaffir, William; Brandon, Scott; Sociology
-Preserving the Simple Life: Social Change and Boundary Maintenance among the Old Order MennonitesShaffir, William; Kleinknecht, Steven; Sociology
1982Simcoe: Small-Town Ontario's Response to Extra-Community ChangeMatthews, Ralph; Shaffir, William; Walters, Vivienne; March, Ruth Karen; Sociology