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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19993-D automatic anatomy-based image registration in portal imagingFallone, B. G. (advisor)
20183-D Imaging of Root Architecture Using Multichannel GPRBoyce, Joseph; Blomfield, Douglas; Earth Sciences
20103-D Medical Image Interpolation Based on Context ClassificationShirani, Shahram; Wu, Xiaolin; Kashi, Alipour Sahar; Electrical and Computer Engineering
Aug-20053-D Modelling of Quaternary Sediments Within the Dundas Valley, Hamilton, Ontario Using ROCKWORKS 2002Eyles, C. H.; MacCormack, Kelsey; Earth Sciences
19973-dimensional anatomy-based verification in stereotactic radiosurgeryFallone, B. G. (Supervisor)
19953-dimensional computer simulation model for liquor penetration in CMP and CTMP pulping processesKubes, George J. (Supervisor)
Sep-200830S Beam Development and the 30S Waiting Point in Type I X-Ray BurstsChen, Alan A.; Kahl, David Miles; Physics and Astronomy
Nov-2012A 3D coupled hydro-mechanical granular model for simulating the constitutive behavior of metallic alloys during solidi cationSistaninia, M.; Phillion, A.B.; Drezet, J.M.; Rappaz, M.; Materials Science and Engineering
19814.3-μm CO₂ LaserGarside, B.K.; Ballik, E.A.; Znotins, Arvid Thomas; Physics
19844.3-μm TE CO₂ Laser DynamicsReid, J.; Brimacombe, Kenneth Robert; Physics
May-1974The 4190 Å Absorptipn System of Selenium DioxideKing, G.W.; Meatherall, Charles Robert; Chemistry
20034D spacetime : a string-motivated explanation for the dimensionality of the observable universe-
17-Sep-20174′-C-Methoxy-2′-deoxy-2′-fluoro Modified Ribonucleotides Improve Metabolic Stability and Elicit Efficient RNAi-Mediated Gene Silencing-
19985-oxo-ETE and its effect on eosinophil recruitment in the Brown Norway rat lungMartin, J. G. (advisor); Powell, W. S. (advisor)
5-Sep-20165′-Inositol phosphatase SHIP2 recruits Mena to stabilize invadopodia for cancer cell invasion-
Feb-19696,6-Diaryl Fulvenes. Reduction to Benzhydryl Cyclopentadiene by Amide BasesWarkentin, J.; Lorenz, Helmuth Heinrich; None
20176/14 Switched Reluctance Machine Design for Household HVAC System ApplicationsEmadi, Ali; Cotton, James; Kasprzak, Michael; Mechanical Engineering
Aug-200975As and 59Co NMR Study of the Electron Doped Ba(Fe(1-x)Co(x))(2)As(2)Imai, Takashi; Ning, Fanlong; Physics and Astronomy
Dec-197077Se and 19F NMR Studies of Selenium CompoundsGillespie, R. J.; Parekh, Manher; Chemistry
Sep-1949A 90º Solid Source Mass SpectrometerThode, H. G.; Freeman, James Rowe; Physics