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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-20060-1 Semidefinite Programming for Cluster Analysis with Application to Customer SegmentationPeng, Jiming; Chen, Huarong; Computing and Software
Aug-20070-GlcNAc Modification Study by In Vitro Glycosylation: A Mass Spectrometry ApproachMcGibbon, Graham; Wang, Xi; Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences
Oct-1980The 0.230 Millisecond Isomer in ¹⁴⁶EuSummers-Gill, R.G.; LeNestour, Kevin; Physics
19921 Thessalonians 2:14-16: Polemical hyperboleSanders, E.P.; Schlueter, Carol J.; Religious Studies
Sep-1998"1 Wept for Memory:" Christina Rossetti's Writings for ChildrenFerns, John; Lachowski, Lori Ann; English
199010-nm resolution by magnetic force microscopy on FeNdBWadas, A.; Jung, Th.; Meyer, E.; Heinzelmann, H.; Hidber, H.-R.; Güntherodt, H.-J.
Aug-1995A 12 Year Follow-up Study of Ankle Muscle Function in Older AdultsHicks, Audrey; Winegard, Karen; Kinesiology
Nov-201517β-Estradiol and testosterone levels in axillary perspiration of men: Environmental factors, inter- and intra-individual variationdeCatanzaro, Denys; Elliott, Brittney; Psychology
Oct-1971The 1962 International Coffee Agreement: Past, Present and FutureMackenzie, W.; Magee, Morris David; Economics
Jun-1999The 1985 Alcohol Reform in the USSR: A Case of Rejected Moral ReformLevitt, Cyril; Levine, Boris Misha; Sociology
Apr-200619th CENTURY MUSIC CRITICISM AND AESTHETICS: MUTUAL INFLUENCESDeaville, James; Irina, Mihaela; Music Criticism
May-19662,2'-Dimercaptodiethyl Sulfide: Metal Complexes and Analytical ApplicationsCorsini, A.; Nieboer, Evert; Chemistry
19962-D free-space optocal backplane using vertical cavity surface-emitting laserPlant, David V. (Supervisor)
Sep-19712-Substituted 8-Quinolinols as Terdentate Chelating AgentsCorsini, A.; Cassidy, Richard M.; Chemistry
199720th century Bannockburn : Scottish nationalism and the challenge posed to British identity, 1970-1980Lewis, Brian (Supervisor)
May-1969237Np, 238Np, 235U, 233U, and 239Pu; Fission Yield StudiesThode, H. G.; Tracy, Bliss Lloyd; Physics
Nov-20152D AND 3D ANALYSIS ON THE DEFORMATION AND FRACTURE OF COMMERCIALLY PURE MAGNESIUMWilkinson, David S.; Nemcko, Michael J.; Materials Science and Engineering
Oct-20132D/3D Registration Algorithm for Lung BrachytherapyFarrell, Tom; Hunter, Robert; Wierzbicki, Marcin; Zvonarev, Pavel; Medical Physics
Jun-2015The 2nd-Order Smooth Variable Structure Filter (2nd-SVSF) for State Estimation: Theory and ApplicationsHabibi, Saied; Afshari, Hamedhossein; Mechanical Engineering