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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A 1.5-D anisotropic sigma-coordinate thermal stress model of landlocked sea ice in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago-
1997A 155-Mbits SONET/ATM interface for a photonic backplane /Szymanski, T. H. (Supervisor)
2015A basal stress parameterization for modeling landfast ice-
1994A behavioural and anatomical investigation of amygdaloid mediation of affective memoryWhite, Norman (advisor)
1997A biologically-motivated system for tracking moving people using a stationary camera /Levine, M. D. (Supervisor)
1994A bovine in vitro model of human cerebral vasospasmZorychta, E. (advisor)
15-Apr-2015A call for benchmarking transposable element annotation methods-
1994A Canadian study of admissible monetary asset groupings using nonparametric demand analysisHanda, J. (advisor)
1995A case study of a patient classification system in a teaching hospital in QuébecBurns, Mildred (advisor)
15-Nov-2016A causal inference approach to network meta-analysis-
14A characterization of clinical questions asked by rehabilitation therapists-
1998A characterization of gaze and head movement dynamics during combined eye-head pursuit /Cullen, Kathleen E. (advisor)
1998A Chinese model of cognition : the Neiye, fourth century B.C.E.Yates, Robin D. S. (advisor)
1996A chronotopic study of Evgenii Zamiatin's IslandersBeraha, Laura (Supervisor)
1996A classical molecular dynamics study of thermodynamic variables for finite nuclear systemsGale, Charles (Supervisor)
1996A CMOS foveated image sensorRoberts, G. W. (Supervisor); Levine, M. D. (Supervisor)
2004A combined analysis of outcome following breast cancer: differences in survival based on BRCA1/BRCA2 mutation status and administration of adjuvant treatment-
1996A combined frequency, code and time division multiple-access technique for broadband indoor wireless communicationsLeib, Harry (Supervisor)
2009A Common Mechanism Underlies the Dark Fraction Formation and Fluorescence Blinking of Quantum DotsWiseman, Paul W.; Heyes, Colin D.; Durisic, Nela
1997A communications analysis of the Chiapas uprising : Marcos' publicity campaign on the internetRobinson, Gertrude J. (Supervisor)