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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015B Cells in the Multiple Sclerosis Central Nervous System: Trafficking and Contribution to CNS-Compartmentalized Inflammation-
1996b-hexosaminidase in the male reproductive tract : expression, regulation and functionHermo, Louis (Supervisor)
2014B-Spline Based Multitarget TrackingThiagalingam, Kirubarajan; Sithiravel, Rajiv; Electrical and Computer Engineering
1996B.H. Chamberlain, Lafcadio Hearn, and the Aoki-Kimberley treaty of 1894 : assessments of the end of extraterritoriality by two English interpreters of Meiji JapanOta, Yuzo (Supervisor)
May-1972B.O.F. ControlKay, D.A.R.; Buchanan , Douglas J.; Chemical Engineering
Jul-1990Baby Boomers' changing values: strategic implications for the small businessMuller, Edward Thomas; McMaster University, Faculty of Business
1989Babylon Anatomized: Burton's Use of AugustineRoebuck, Graham; Gibson, Richard Joseph; English Literature
1910The Bacchants of Euripides and other essays,Verrall, W.
2015Bach Is the Father of Harmony: Revealed by a 1/f Fluctuation Analysis across Musical Genres-
Feb-1986"Back to Lange" - The Natural Law Basis for Eduard Bernsteinrs "Evolutionary Socialism"Novak, Derry; Barker, William Terence; Political Science
Feb-1994Back to the future: timeless lessons for organizational successBart, Christopher K.; McMaster University, Michael G. DeGroote School of Business, Innovation Research Centre
Feb-1995Back-mixing Studies in the Presence of an Unstable Density Gradient in a Reciprocating Plate Extraction ColumnBaird, Malcolm H.I.; Aravamudan, Kannan; Chemical Engineering
Aug-2009Backcalculation and Sensitivity of Non-Destructive Tests to Temperature Variations in Flexible PavementsStolle, Dieter F.E.; Sedran, Gabriel; Nezhentseva, Anastasia; Civil Engineering
Feb-1988Backscattering of 5-15 keV Light Ions from SiliconRobinson, J.E.; Agam, Said A.; Materials Science
Nov-2000Backstage Pass: An Ethnographic Study of an Emergent Blues SceneWhite, P.; Walters, Daniel; Sociology
Oct-2013Backward Compatibility Effects in Dual-Task Performance: Implications for Central Information ProcessingWatter, Scott; Thomson, Sandra J.; Psychology
Aug-2002A Backward Glance: Cataclysmic Redemption in Anne Michaels' Fugitive PiecesHyman, Dr. Roger L.; Oshman, Geraldine D.; English
29-Mar-2010Bacterial adhesion to hydrocarbons: Role of asphaltenes and resins-
1-Aug-2018Bacteriophage-based strategies for biofouling control in ultrafiltration: In situ biofouling mitigation, biocidal additives and biofilm cleanser-
20-Nov-2018BAFopathies' DNA methylation epi-signatures demonstrate diagnostic utility and functional continuum of Coffin-Siris and Nicolaides-Baraitser syndromes-