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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2001The E-flow audit: an evaluation of e-mail flow within and outside a high-tech firmBontis, Nick; Fearon, Michael; Hishon, Marissa; McMaster University, Michael G. DeGroote School of Business, Management of Innovation and New Technology Research Centre
Jun-2001E-Improvisation: collaborative groupware technology expands the reach and effectiveness of organizational improvisationMcKnight, Brent; McMaster University, Michael G. DeGroote School of Business, Management of Innovation and New Technology Research Centre
2015E-mail authorship attribution using customized associative classification-
1998"Each half a nothing, so disjoined" : Mary Shelley's vindication of relational identityKilgour, Maggie (advisor)
5Eagle-shooting Heroes and Wild-goose Hunters: the Late Tang MomentBonk, Jim (Layout and proofreading); Zhenhu, Han (calligraphy); Fong, Grace S. (editor)
2012The Earlier Restoration Expectations of Second Zechariah: An Intertextual Analysis of Zechariah 9-1 0Boda, Mark J.; Evans, Paul S.; Lee, Suk Y.; Christian Theology
Oct-1970Earliest Israelite Religion: a Study of the Song of the Sea (Exodus 15.1-18)Combs, A. E.; Craigie, Campbell Peter; Religion
Oct-2013Early Adversity and Mental Health Outcomes: Linking Extremely Low Birth Weight, Neuroendocrine Dysregulation, and Internalizing BehavioursSchmidt, Louis A.; Mel Rutherford, Dr. Geoff Hall; Waxman, Jordana A.; Psychology
1998Early American Pentecostalism and the issues of race, gender, war, and poverty : a history of the belief system and social witness of early twentieth century Pentecostalism and its nineteenth century holiness rootsKlempa, William J. (advisor)
Apr-2003The Early Cult of Skanda in North India: From Demon to Divine SonGranoff, Phyllis E.; Mann, Richard D.; Religious Studies
Sep-2000Early drug effects signal subsequent drug effects: Intra-administration associations and the conditioning analysis of toleranceSiegel, Shepard; Kim, Andrew Joseph; Psychology
Oct-1991Early Film Semiotics and the Cinematic SignAllen, Barry; Hewak, John P.; Philosophy
Aug-1990The Early Influence of Second Wave Psychology on British Prose FictionBrink, Andrew; Johnson, George; English
2015Early medication use in new-onset rheumatoid arthritis may delay joint replacement: results of a large population-based study-
1972Early Neo-Confucian View of Chinese BuddhismYun-hua, Jan; Langlais, Jacques-M.; Religion
2011The Early Palaeoeskimo Period in the Eastern Arctic and the Labrador Early Pre-Dorset period: a reassessment.Ramsden, Peter; Ryan, Karen; Anthropology
2014Early postnatal expression of proteins associated with inhibitory synapses in the auditory brainstemGillespie, Deda; Roger Jacobs, Dan Goldreich; Cooper, Alan; Neuroscience
Dec-2000Early pregnancy disruption in mice (the Bruce effect): The role of sexual satiety, castration, and excreted steroids of novel malesdeCatanzaro, Denys; Spironello, Emily; Psychology
Jul-2009Early processing of context in a Stroop task: Evidence from event related potentialsMilliken, Bruce; Monteiro, Sandra; Psychology