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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-1982¹H-NMR Studies of Sequence and Conformation Using Short RNA OligomersNeilson, Thomas; Hader, Anthony Paul; Biochemistry
1976H. K. Browne's Illustrations in Charles Dickens' Middle Novels: Martin Chuzzlewit, Dombey and Son, and Bleak HousePetrie, Graham; Blacklock, David Willam; English
1905H. Wieners Sammlung mathematischer ModelleWiener, H.
6-Oct-2015H2S interference on CO2 isotopic measurements using a Picarro G1101-i cavity ring-down spectrometer-
May-1970de Haas-van Alpen Effect and Azbel'-Kraner Cyclotron Resonance Studies for MercuryDatars, W.R.; Poulsen, Robert G.; Physics
25-May-2020Habitat loss in the restricted range of the endemic Ghanaian cichlid Limbochromis robertsi-
1994Habitat selection by breeding American black ducks (Anas rubripes) in northeastern Nova ScotiaTitman, Rodger D. (advisor)
Jul-2003Hacking Hackers: Ethnographic Insights into the Hacker Subculture-Definition, Ideology and ArgotShaffir, William; Kleinknecht, Steven W.; Sociology
2012Hadley circulation response to orbital precession. Part I: Aquaplanets-
2012Hadley circulation response to orbital precession. Part II: Subtropical continent-
May-1980Hadron masses and the non-relativistic quark modelNogami, Y.; Cohler, Eugene Lucien; Physics
1996Haji Agus Salim : his role in nationalist movements in Indonesia during the early twentieth centuryTurgay, A. Uner (advisor)
Sep-1993Haldane's Rule and the Genetic Basis of Hybrid Male Sterility in Drosophila Simulans, Drosophila Mauritiana and Drosophila SechelliaSingh, Rama S.; Zeng, Ling-Wen; Biology
Sep-1969Halogen CationsGillespie, R. J.; Morton, Michael John; Chemistry
2007Halogens and their role in polar boundary-layer ozone depletion-
Apr-1990The Halton "Deformation": Till: An Application of G.I.S. Basin Analysis Accompanied by a Sedimentological Examination of the Halton Basal ContactEyles, C. H.; Hibbert, Jarold W.; Geography and Geology
1973The Hamilton Central Market: An Economic Anthropological StudyCooper, M.; Van, Hoorn Laurelle; Anthropology
Nov-1977The Hamilton Site: A Late Historic Neutral TownNoble, Wm. C.; Lennox, Anthony Paul; Anthropology
Jun-1983Hamilton Working Women and 'Protective' Legislation: A Review of Theories on the Gendered Division of LabourLuxton, Meg; Aylward, Sandra; Sociology
Oct-1964Hamilton's Central Business DistrictBurghardt, A. F.; Friar, John; Geography