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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2015I am Canadian, Therefore I think?Al-Kassimi, Khaled; Political Science - International Relations
2008I am My Mother’s Daughter: Early Childhood Influences on Leadership Success-
2014‘I Can’t Go Home’. Forced migration and displacement following demobilisation: the complexity of reintegrating former child soldiers in Colombia-
Feb-1982¹²⁷I Mössbauer Spectroscopic Studies of Some Cations and Anions of IodineBirchall, T.; Myers, Ronald D.; Chemistry
Nov-2015"I walk, Therefore I Am..."Rosenbaum, Peter; Mahipaul, Susan; Rehabilitation Science
1990I'll Drink to That: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition in the Maritime Provinces, 1900-1930Turner, Dr. H.E.; Davis, Claude Mark; History
2002I-V characteristics and differential conductance fluctuations of Au nanowiresLarade, Brian; Taylor, Jeremy; Wlasenko, Alex; Mehrez, H.; Guo, Hong
24-May-2013IASPM at 30Grenier, Line; Marsh, Charity; Chapman, Owen; Aitken, Paul; Warwick, Jacqueline
1995Ibn Jamāʻah's educational thoughtBoullata, I. J. (advisor)
1995Ibn Qayyim's reformulation of the fatwāHallaq, Wael B. (advisor)
1994Ibn Sīnā's thought on the "perfect man" : the role of the faculties of the soulOrmsby, Eric (Supervisor)
1995Ibn Taymiyya's concept of istiḥsān : an understanding of legal reasoning in Islamic jurisprudenceHallaq, Wael B. (advisor)
1994Ibn Taymiyya's theory of knowledge-
1998ICAO and the use of force against civil aerial intrudersVlasil, I. (advisor)
Jul-1995Ice Binding Structure and Mechanism of an Antifreeze Protein from Winter FlounderYang, Daniel S.C.; Sicheri, Frank; Biochemistry
Jul-1987An Ichnological and Sedimentological study of Devonian Black Shales from the Long Rapids Formation, Moose River Basin, Northern OntarioRisk, M. J.; Bezys, Ruth Krista Angela; Geology
1981Ichnology and Paleoecology of the Upper Cretaceous Cardium Formation at Seebe, AlbertaWalker, R. G.; Costley, Virginia; Geology
Dec-1995Iconography of the Vintage in the Mosaics of Roman Spain and North AfricaDunbabin, K.M.D.; Eckersley, Elizabeth Tracey; Classical Studies
Feb-1998The Iconography of Vending Scenes on Gallo-Roman Funerary ReliefsDunbabin, K.M.D.; Slater, W.; George, M.; Young, Alexis Mary; Classics