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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-1974The (p,t) Reaction to Positive Parity States in 165ErWaddington, J. C.; Stott, William; None
1970P. Ovidi Nasonis Remedia AmorisGuite, H. F.; Shepherd, D. M.; Kelk, Christopher D.; Classics
1996P53 and cell death in mouse diploid fibroblastsTh'ng, J. (Supervisor); Wang, E. (Supervisor)
Sep-1995Pacemaker Activity and Intercellular Communication in the Intestinal MusculatureHuizinga, Jan D.; Liu, Wing Cheong Louis; Electrical and Computer Engineering
2001Pacifier use, early weaning, and cry/fuss behavior: a randomized controlled trial-
Apr-1989Packaging Dreams: An Anthropological Analysis of Tour OperatorsCooper, Matthew; Reimer, Gwen D.; Anthropology
1997Packaging of surface active optoelectronic device arraysPlant, David (advisor)
1996Packaging of two dimensional optoelectronic device arrays for optical backplanesPlant, David V. (Supervisor)
1994Packet CDMA performance with imperfect power control-
Sep-2008Packet Transmission Scheduling for Supporting Real-Time Traffic in Wireless Mesh NetworksZhao, Dongmei; Zou, Jun; Electrical and Computer Engineering
2010Packing Density Links Concrete Mixture, Rheology, and Compressive StrengthChidiac, Samir E.; Moutassem, Fayez; Civil Engineering
Nov-1988The Pageant of Empire: Paul Scott's The Raj Quartet and Related Versions of Imperialism in the Anglo-Indian NovelAziz, Maqbool; Srivastava, Aruna; English
15-Sep-2017Paid parental leave and family wellbeing in the sustainable development era-
Apr-2002Pain assessment in the elderly: a psychometric evaluation of self-report and behavioral methods.Crook, Joan; Kaasalainen, June Sharon; Nursing
1-Jan-2016Pain catastrophizing correlates with early mild traumatic brain injury outcome-
2010Pain perception is altered by a nucleotide polymorphism in SCN9A-
1983"Painting the Landscape": Regional Study in Britain During the Seventeenth CenturyDaly, James; Mendyk, Stanley G.; History
Sep-1991Pair-breaking in superconductivityCarbotte, J.P.; Nicol, Elisabeth J.; Physics
2016Pairing Cholinergic Enhancement with Perceptual Training Promotes Recovery of Age-Related Changes in Rat Primary Auditory CortexCentre for Research on Brain, Language and Music