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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997R & D portfolio management best practices: methods used & performance results achievedCooper, Robert G.; Edgett, Scott J.; Kleinschmidt, Elko J.; McMaster University, Michael G. DeGroote School of Business, Innovation Research Centre
Oct-1967R. M. HARE AND NATURAL LAWHaber, Richard Leo; Philosophy
1986R.G. Collingwood's Doctrine of Absolute Presuppositions and Its Bearing on the Problem of Historical UnderstandingShalom, A.; Luckman, John; Philosophy
1996Rabindranath Tagore's thoughts on education from a socio-political perspectiveGhosh, Ratna (Supervisor)
Apr-1996Race, Class and Gender in Higher Education: The Experiences of Doctoral StudentsSynge, Jane; Sukhdeo, Sharon; Sociology
1997Race, class, women and the state : the case of domestic labour in Canada-
May-1978Race, sex and minority group discrimination legislation in North America and BritainJain, Harish C.; Sloane, Peter J.; McMaster University, Faculty of Business
Aug-2010Races Among Men: Masculinity and Interracial Community in South African Cultural textsStrauss, H.; Arseneault, Jesse; English
1946Racial Origins and Nativity of the Canadian PeopleArmstrong, Elizabeth M.; Political Economy
Nov-2016Racial Profiling and Moral Responsibility for Racialized CrimeEnns, Diane; Gedge, Elisabeth; Gordon, Tiffany M.; Philosophy
Nov-1989Radar Clutter ClassificationHaykin, Simon; Stehwien, Wolfgang; Electrical Engineering
Nov-1972Radar System Studies Using Simulation TechniquesHaykin, S. S.; Thorsteinson, Magnus Carl; Electrical Engineering
2018Radar Target-tracking and Measurement-origin UncertaintyHaykin, Simon; Santos Diaz, Eduardo; Computational Engineering and Science
Aug-1995The Radha Krishna Temple Tradition: A Guyanese Hindu Community in Cambridge, OntarioYounger, Paul; Wuaku, Kafui Albert; Religious Studies
May-1974Radiant Energy Exchange Above and Within a Dwarf Apple OrchardDavies, J. A.; Suckling, Philip; Geography
Apr-1981Radiation enhanced reactivation of irradiated human adenovirus type 2 in human cellsRainbow, A.J.; Jeeves, Patrick William; Biology
21-Sep-2017Radiation enhanced uptake of Hg0(g) on iron (oxyhydr)oxide nanoparticles-
2009Radiation Induced Bystander Responses In Vertebrates Given Low Doses Of In Vivo RadiationMothersill, Carmel E.; Singh, Harleen; None
Oct-1968The Radiation Initiated Polymerization of StyreneHodgins, J. W.; Dean, David; Chemical Engineering
2014Radiative Forcing of Quadrupling CO2-