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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Yahoo! Francais : Une enquete sur la pedagogie du fran~ais langue secondeBanks, Paula A.; Williams, Wynn- Vanessa; French
Sep-1962Yarmouth Township: A Study in Land UtilizationWood, H. A.; Lupton, Austin A.; Geography
1966Yeats and The Hugh Lane ControversyNimmo, Clarence David; English
1999Yields and nitrogen contents of corn under different tillage practices-
May-1965Yields of Fission-Recoil Bromine by Delayed-Neutron StudiesTomlinson, R. H.; Silbert, Marvin; Chemistry
1997Yikhus and the early Hasidic movement : principles and practice in 18th and 19th century Eastern EuropeHundert, Gershon (Supervisor)
Aug-2015A Yoga Strengthening Program Designed to Minimize the Knee Adduction Moment for Women with Knee Osteoarthritis: A Proof-of-Principle Cohort StudyBrenneman, Elora; Kuntz, Alexander; Wiebenga, Emily; Maly, Monica; None
2014Yoga, Music, and Spiritual Practice: A Manifesto-
1999Yoruba migrants : a study of rural-urban linkages and community developmentBossen, Laurel (advisor)
Oct-2013YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU EAT DURING STRESS: AN ISOTOPIC EVALUATION OF HUMAN HAIR FROM BELLEVILLE, ONTARIOProwse, Tracy; Brickley, Megan; Schwarcz, Henry; D`Ortenzio, Lori L.; Anthropology
1996You are what you eat : contemplations on civilizing the palate with GourmetKaite, Berkeley (Supervisor)
1997"You have sweetened your word" : sincerity and prayer in Leonard Cohen's Book of MercyTrehearne, Brian (Supervisor)
24-May-2020“You Need to Make it as Easy as Possible for Me”: Creating Scholarly Communication Reports for Liaison Librarians-
Feb-1992"You never get lonely here": Community Creation in a Seniors' Housing Co-operativeCooper, Matthew O.; Hughes, Christine; Anthropology
2016“You people have your stories; we have ours”: a narrative analysis of land use in settler CanadaStorey, Robert; Gracey, Anthony; Sociology
Jul-2008"You've got to put your money where your mouth is": How Jewish Advocacy Organisations in Ontario Understand the Relationship between Public Funding for Faith Schools and Multiculturalism.Rothenberg, Celia; Tomes, Laura; Religious Studies
Oct-2011“YOUNG CARERS” OF PARENTS WITH MENTAL HEALTH ISSUESAronson, Jane; Schleicher, Katherine L.; Social Work
Nov-2015Young Children’s Participation and Environment Measure (YC-PEM): Cross-cultural adaptation and psychometric evaluation in children with and without developmental needs in SingaporeLaw, Mary; Lim, Chun Yi; Rehabilitation Science
Sep-1989The Young HeideggerMadison, G. B.; Van, buren John Howard; Philosophy
Aug-2009Youth In Care and Mental Illness: Mapping the Diagnostic ProcessSinding, Christina; Milmine, Sarah; Social Work