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Title: 2-Substituted 8-Quinolinols as Terdentate Chelating Agents
Authors: Corsini, A.
Cassidy, Richard M.
Keywords: chemistry;2-substituted 8-quinolinol;chelating agent;terdentate, ligand;acid-base, tiration
Issue Date: Sep-1971
Abstract: A series of 2-substituted 8-hydroxyquinolines have been prepared and their reactions with a number of metal ions studied. Acid-dissociation constants and metal-chelate formation constants have been determined. 2-(2'-Hydroxyphenyl), 2-(2'-pyridyl) and 2-hydrazino-8-hydroxyquinoline function as terdentate ligands. The latter two ligands form a number of protonated complexes some of which are unusually stable. This stability is likely due to hydrogen bonding.
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