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Title: The 0.230 Millisecond Isomer in ¹⁴⁶Eu
Authors: Summers-Gill, R.G.
LeNestour, Kevin
Keywords: Physics;Physics
Issue Date: Oct-1980
Abstract: <p>The levels associated with the decay of the 0.230 ms isomer in ¹⁴⁶Eu were populated by the (⁷Li,3n) reaction on ¹⁴²Nd using a 33 Mev beam of ⁷Li ions. A decay scheme has been proposed for this isomer based on the study of the in-beam and pulsed beam conversion electron, and gamma ray singles spectra. The assignment of spins and parities was based on the multipolarities of the 274.9, 293.9, 358.2 and 377.0 keY transitions determined by conversion coefficient measurements, and the assumed 9⁺ identity of the isomeric state.</p>
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