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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-1999The genetic dissection of Neu-mediated transformationMuller, William J.; Dankort, David L.; Biology
Dec-1973Hydrolysis of Endosperm Proteins in Germinating MaizeOaks, Ann B.; Harvey, Mary Roberta Barbara; Biology
Oct-1997The Appearance of Stochastic Control in Fish Communities on Coral Reefs: a Hierarchical Approach to System OrganizationKolasa, Jurel; Waltho, Nigel D.; Biology
Dec-1981Lactate and Proton Dynamics Following Strenuous Exercise in Rainbow Trout (Salmo gairdneri) and Flathead Sole (Hippoglossoidas elassodon)Wood, C.M.; Turner, Jeffrey D.; Biology
Aug-1996Mechanisms of polyomavirus transformation of the mouse mammary glandMuller, W. J.; Webster, Marc A.; Biology
Mar-1998The Evolution of Sex-related Traits and Speciation in DrosophilaSingh, Rama S.; Civetta, Alberto; Biology
Aug-1989An Analysis of the Population Genetic Structure and Species History of Drosophila Melanogaster and Drosophila Simulans Using Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphisms of Mitochondrial DNASingh, Rama S.; Hale, Richard Lawrence; Biology
Jun-1998Activation of the endogenous alpha-globin gene in non-erythroid cells by herpes simplex virusSmiley, Jim R.; Cheung, Peter; Biology
1986Variation and Evolution in Proteins of the Drosophila Male Reproductive TractSingh, R.S.; Coulthart, Bruce Michael; Biology
Apr-1998Genetic Analysis of Complex Neurodevelopmental Disorders: A Model for the genetic etiology of autism and the related pervasive develomental disorders and Mapping of a gene responsible for X-linked mental retardationWhite, Bradley N.; Schutz, Kevin Christopher; Biology