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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1979The Theme of Maturation in the Early Fiction of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest HemingwayFerns, John; Benedetti, Paul; English
2003The Generic Alternative: Parodic Empowerment of Feminine Gothic Heroines in Margaret Atwood's Lady Oracle and The Handmaid's TaleYork, Lorraine; Rintoul, Suzanne; English
Nov-2001Apocalypse Then and Now: Contemporary Narratives of Environmental ExtinctionGranofsky, Ronald; Lutz, Dieter Michael; English
Dec-1996Beyond the Pale: Unsettling "Race" and Womanhood in the Novels of Harper, Hopkins, Fauset and LarsenGoellnicht, Donald C.; Zackodnik, Christine Teresa; English
Jun-1999"Mired in attachment": Cultural politics and the poetry of Seamus Heaney and Thomas KinsellaJohn, Brian; Brazeau, Joseph Robert; English
Nov-1989Jane Austen and Her Biographers: The Woman Writer as Literary IconKing, James; Ryan, Leila W. MacDonald; English
Jun-1985Canada's Forgotten Poets: Values in Early Twentieth-Century Canadian Poetry in EnglishShrive, F. N.; Kizuk, Alexander Randall; English
Jun-1987Mirrors of Christian Kings: Ideology, Theology, Role-Playing: The Renaissance King and ShakespeareMorton, R.E.; Del, Vecchio A. Doreen; English
Oct-2003Canticles' Rhetoric of the Eroticized Soul and the Inscribed Body in Renaissance English PoetrySilcox, Mary V.; Beauchamp, Lissa; English
May-1999Questions of travail: Travel, culture, and nature in the poetry of Anne Bradstreet, Elizabeth Bishop, and Amy ClampittDonaldson, Jeffery; Boschman, Robert; English