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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-1973Sedimentation in Karst Drainage Basins Along the Allegheny Escarpment in Southeastern West Virginia, U.S.A.Ford, D. C.; Wolfe, Thomas E.; Geography
May-1974Hydrology and Karst Solution in the Southern Canadian RockiesFord, D. C.; Drake, John Julian; Geography
Nov-1981The Pattern and Process of Redevelopment: An Empirical Application of a Redevelopment Simulation Model to Kitchener, OntarioPapageorgiou, Y.Y.; Snyder, Jeffrey Robert; Geography
Dec-1983Measured and Calculated Solar Radiation in an Aerosol AtmosphereDavies, J.A.; McArthur, John Bruce Lorne; Geography
Sep-1987Evolutionary Models of Migratory Systems. A Behavioural Approach with Application on Intraurban Mobility in Toronto CMA, 1966-1976Papageorgiou, Y.Y.; Liaw, K.L.; Kanaroglou, Sava Pavlos; Geography
May-1999Evidence, policy and practice in environmental health: An international case study of sun safetyEyles, John D.; Garvin, Theresa D.; Geography
Sep-1985The Use of Goal Programming for Resource Assessment, With an Application to Forest Energy Developments in Eastern OntarioLonergan, S.C.; Smit, B.E.; Cocklin, Reid Christopher; Geography
Feb-1997DROUGHTS, RAINFALL AND RURAL WATER SUPPLY IN NORTHERN NIGERIAWoo, Ming-Ko; Tarhule, Augustine Aondover; Geography
Aug-1983The Hydrology of a Glacierised Alpine Karst Castlegaurd Mountain, AlbertaFord, D. C.; Smart, Christopher Charles; Geography
May-1981Socio-economic Relations and Urban Spatial FormationWebber, M.J.; Noyes, Patricia B.; Geography