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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-1999Trends in Policing, a Case Study of the Hamilton Police 1900-73Fox, J.; Hay, A. J.; Sociology
Apr-2014CHARACTER AS A SOCIOLOGICAL PHENOMENON: AN INTERACTIONIST ANALYSIS OF SEMINARY LIFEShaffir, William; Pawluch, Dorothy; Miall, Charlene; McLuhan, Arthur; Sociology
Jun-1999The 1985 Alcohol Reform in the USSR: A Case of Rejected Moral ReformLevitt, Cyril; Levine, Boris Misha; Sociology
Jun-1986Marx's Views on India: A Sociological Appraisal of the "Asiatic" Mode of ProductionLevitt, Cyril; Bhadra, Bula; Sociology
Mar-1994A Diagnosis by Ideology: Ideological Perspectives on the Formation of Pension Policy in CanadaMatthews, R.; O`Donnell, Ann Nancy Helen; Sociology
Apr-2014Feminist Resistance in the GTA: Stories of Feminist Struggle, Resistance and Success During the Harris Years (1995-2001)Storey, Robert; Sugiman, Pamela; Baines, Donna; Anderson, Gillian L.; Sociology
Sep-2012Selling the iPhone or Selling iCapitalism: A Critical Analysis of Themes of Efficiency, Connection and Access in Apple’s iPhone AdvertisementsMoore, Taylor
Apr-1976Socio-Economic Status and Community Integration: A Study of Formal and Informal Participation of Urban MigrantsPineo, P.C.; Denton, Anne Margaret; Sociology
2007Psychosocial resources and social health inequalities in France [electronic resource]Jusot, Florence.; Grignon, Michel.; Dourgnon, Paul.; Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis
Jun-2015Interspecies Relations in Equestrian SportGillett, James; Gilbert, Michelle; Sociology