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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Jun-1999The experiences of people who use alternative therapies: A symbolic interactionist analysisShaffir, William; Low, Jacqueline; Sociology
Dec-1985A Geochemical and Isotopic Study of Plutonic and High Grade Metamorphic Rocks from the Chandos Township Area, Grenville ProvinceMcNutt, Robert H.; Shaw, Denie M.; Heaman, Michael Larry; Sociology
Jun-1985The Transformation of Agrarian Structure: A Case Study of Twifo-Hemang, Central Region, GhanaHoward, Rhoda E.; Brown, Nathaniel David; Sociology
Sep-1984Educational Promises and Efficiency Ideals: The Development of Management Education in Ontario, 1900 - 1960Cuneo, C.J.; Pupo, Julie Norene; Sociology
Feb-1990Women and Medical Knowledge in the 1950's: A Study of the Process of Social ConstructionTancred-Sheriff, P.; Findlay, Ann Deborah; Sociology
Jun-1989Workers' Attitudes and Bourgeois Hegemony: Investigations of the Political Consciousness of Canadian Workers in the 1980sArchibald, Peter W.; Langford, Tom; Sociology
Feb-1999Trends in policing: A case study of the Hamilton police, 1900--1973Fox, J.; Hay, A.; Sociology
1985Crazies in the Community: An Ethnographic Study of Ex-psychiatric Clients in Canadian Society--Stigma, Management Strategies, and Identity TransformationHaas, Jack; Herman, Joan Nancy; Sociology
Mar-1984Industrial Sectors and the Determinants of Earnings: Male-Female DifferencesPineo, P. C.; Robb, A. L.; Jones, C.; Denton, Anne Margaret; Sociology
Jun-1999Informed survival: Media activism by people with HIV/AIDSKnight, G.; Gillett, James; Sociology